Here you will find a small sample of my work in recent press, interesting news and any forthcoming projects.

Hamburgs Kreative out now

find my interview inside

Design made in Germany showcased my work :)

I`m pleased to illustrate every month the Brigitte Woman Kolumne by Julia Karnick!

XING Spielraum wins Silver at the Mercury Awards!

Finally out now: 47 Ronin!

But … Well :)

Bianca Classen at akg images.

I am happy to showcase a small collection of my 'Diplom' „Meine deutsch-deutsche Familie“ at akg images.

Xing releases "Spielraum"

It was fun to work here with.

Publisher: XING AG + Burda Creative Group GmbH // Overall Project Management (Xing): Marc-Sven Kopka // Project Management (Xing): Angela Rittig // Project Management (Burda): Franziska Schwientek // Editor in Chief: Jörn Paterak // Development and Art Direction: twotype design, Christian Hruschka // Picture Editor: Bianca Classen

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15.07.2013 // „Blick ins Studio: Bianca Classen“

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03.07. 2013 // Many thanks for your kind words!

Alex, thank you so much for the beautiful typography for this website and for designing my stunning new logo. I love it!

Anna, thank you so much for programming this website. The speed at which you develop and implement the designs always left me breathless. I am also very grateful for your smiles and laughter and all the inspiration and ideas that you shared with me. Your help really has been invaluable.


A travelling exhibition, in conjunction with the “Klimzug-Nord” climate project, is currently touring across Hamburg. If you wish to attend, you would be able to see some of my work – the results of a collaboration with Nora Coenenberg (2011) for the climate novella entitled „Klimzug-Nord“.

The created comic-collection is a cooperation of Prof. Reinhard Schulz-Schaeffer and the „Stabstelle Forschung and Transfer“ (HAWHamburg).

The second issue just has been published.

47 Ronin

The Hollywood movie ‘47 Ronin’(director Carl Eric Rinch) – originally announced for release at the end of 2012 - will finally launch in 2013. I am still so curious about it because in 2009, our team, led by Manfred Zozin (agency Markenfilm), pitched for and won.
Above you will also find some of my sketches which were done for the mood board.

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Elle City

Elle City Hamburg // 09, 2011. Many thanks for your kind words!

Blog // Online now. Feel free to visit.

Exhibition: „Ereignis Essen“ // Museum Haus Löwenberg // July 2011 - January 2012

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